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The Journey Begins!

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

13 year old me flexing so hard I almost passed out

I know what you're thinking; who writes blogs/articles/think pieces anymore? Why engage our imagination in the dying art of literary expression when visual media is much faster, easier and has less calories to consume? What is the purpose of this rhetorical line of questioning?

I enjoy writing and to a lesser extent I like reading too, especially when it comes to reading the writing I have just written. My bachelor's degree in journalism has laid dormant since the moment I received it and now's the perfect time to incorporate my passion for penmanship with my passion for health and wellbeing practices. In other words, if writing was a muscle, it would be one I've neglected to workout for a long time, so in essence this blog is like my gym. Welcome, feel free to exercise or do some stretches in the comment section below.

My name is Eamonn Foley and I'm a personal trainer, hence the branding 'efoleypt'. After finally walking away from an unsuccessful decade-long pursuit to be a successful music producer, I spent the last two years of my life studying, acquiring certifications, researching, planning, refining, and designing services I believe in and can be proud of. It's time to go from "knowing" into "doing".

My coaching journey has just begun but my fitness one started many years ago.

It was a simple case of wanting to look better so I can feel better. One gym membership with complimentary four weeks of personal training later, I was eager to be the change I wanted to see. I was ready to have chiseled six-pack abs, bulging biceps, and mammoth quads in a month, two months tops. Reality would hit me with all the grace of a single leg deadlift performed on a pogo stick. What followed was an inconsistent workout schedule, erratic exercise executions, and a disorganized diet in disarray. But I was determined to change that.

20 year old me capturing the moment I woke up one day and experienced a midlife crisis

I gave my life some much needed structure and slowly but surely all the pieces of the puzzle started to fit tightly into place like my pecs did to my XS shirts. Meals were planned for the week, workouts were now an an arranged affair, I'd make time for walking and ensuring my environment supported my goals. Years of trials and tribulations, success' and setbacks have led me to this point. Now I'm confident in my ability to help others experience similar meaningful and sustainable change.

Being in possession of knowledge that can truly make a difference in people's lives is great but that also comes with a responsibility to embrace any and all types of collaborations. This is where my inherent interest, attentiveness, and commitment to help everyone be happier, healthier, and to get the most out of the life they want to live comes in. Having the capacity to empathize with others and relate to people regardless of how much their characteristics, background and values differ from mine makes me relish each and every interaction.

As my understanding of health and fitness, and the science of nutrition expanded, I kept asking myself the same question over and over. Why should someone choose me over countless other highly qualified and experienced coaches/personal trainers? The conclusion I came to is both incredibly dull, and incredibly factual. What differentiates me from everyone else is not some magical combination of centuries of experience combined with possessing secret methods of success, it's my personality. This is definitely more than a job to me, and one I take seriously and spiritedly.

My objective with this business is to create a highly effective online coaching experience where everyone's goals become realizable destinations. I don't have the distractions of wanting to be Insta-famous or any intentions of pushing certain dietary or exercise practices on anyone. Of course, I want to be a success in what I do, but I want to achieve it through a devotion to my clientele, being open minded, principled, dependable, and by being me.

Present day me naively thinking I look good with a man bun

Every now and then I'm going to blog about something. This could be about my own experiences with physical and mental health, examining the validity/effectiveness of popular fitness trends, nutritional advice, or how my own pursuit of perpetual happiness may influence yours. My writing style blurs the line between polished ponderings and cryptic quips so your mileage may vary. I intend on keeping these pieces short so readers can look, laugh, and maybe even learn in the same time it would take to finish a moderately sized cup of coffee.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this brief, yet oddly cathartic insight into who I am and what my dedications are. Whether you want to make use of my services or just want to consume my written content, you are all very much appreciated.

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