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Sometimes we need more than a program to really inspire and produce the changes we want to see. Motivation is great but it may not last forever and that's where my distinctive coaching program comes in. Modifying your lifestyle in a manner that brings you joy and gratification long before you reach your goal is paramount. I'll guide you throughout the entire process and help you stay on track to ensure your journey is fun, feasible, and fulfilling!

What you get

I'll provide you with a structured plan of progressive actions, because meaningful and sustainable change rarely occurs without astute organization. This plan will be carefully and gradually implemented into your day-to-day routine and iterated upon regularly. Whatever your lifestyle may be, I'll guide you with the necessary information and empathy to reach your goal.

  • Training program

  • Meal plan

  • Information guides

  • Fillable forms




Programs will be designed to compliment your lifestyle, exercise methods, and work within your time constraints and current abilities. Training results will determine how the program evolves over time to guarantee optimal progress and performance.


I will work with you to create a suitable method for meal planning with changes being applied as weeks advance. I'll offer advice on what to eat, and how it compliments your training/lifestyle as we modify behaviors to be more successful.


Swift and attentive support, advice, and guidance through email, Zoom and/or WhatsApp, will be readily available to you throughout the process. It's my priority to ensure interactions take place with an encouraging, warm, and friendly atmosphere.


You'll receive a details and assessment form within 24 hours to the email associated with your PayPal account (this may appear in your spam folder). Within 1 to 3 days of receiving the completed form, I will deliver your initial exercise and meal plan. I'll also start working with you to put in place: specific, measurable, and practical behavioral changes in an effort to meet your needs and goals efficiently and effectively.


Not a recurring payment. A one time payment of $99.99 is offered for each additional set of 4 weeks if continued coaching is desired.


(will be marked as "unavailable" if I'm unable to take on additional clients. 

In this event, please contact me to find out about future availability.

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